Delchem D2000

The most versatile, powerful and advanced IG sealant available.

Reative Hot Melt Butyl Sealant

D-2000 REACTIVE Hot Melt Butyl

Do not be misled or misinformed about “warm-applied, moisture-activated, one-part reactive” IG sealants.  There are significant differences between them, and Delchem D-2000 is in a class by itself both chemically and in the many features and benefits it provides to IG fabricators and their customers.

D-2000 is a true hot melt Butyl IG sealant.  All other “reactive” IG sealants are either urethane-based or urethane-modified.  As such, they contain isocyanates or diisocyanates.

D-2000 has recently been credentialed as a DSE (Dual Seal Equivalency) IG Sealant for use on Intercept® IG Technology.

Let’s take a closer look at the factors and attributes that make D-2000 the only representative of the next generation of IG sealants.

MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)
D-2000 has the lowest MVTR of any IG sealant in the market today.   The MVTR of D-2000 is 0.013 gr/100 in2/24 hr.  Until the introduction of D-2000, the “industry standard” for the lowest MVTR was polyisobutylene (PIB) with a MVTR of 0.015.

GPR (Gas Permeance Rate)
Once again, D-2000 has set a new standard!  The GPR (argon) for D-2000 is 0.0000574 gm Ar/m2/24 hr/mmHg.  D-2000 demonstrates the lowest GPR (argon) of any IG sealant; “reactive”, two-part, or hot melt.

D-2000 provides outstanding adhesive, cohesive, and structural strengths.  D-2000, immediately upon application, commences to react with atmospheric moisture, cross-linking and forming mechanical bonds and significantly stronger covalent chemical bonds as well.  The resulting strengths are comparable to and slightly surpass those of two-part IG sealants.


Millions of IG units have been fabricated with D-2000.  These IG units have been fabricated on routine production equipment at numerous commercial IG fabrication facilities, in laboratories, and at selected equipment manufacturers. Units fabricated for testing have been submitted to various independent testing laboratories, the in-house testing facilities at commercial enterprises, and at various suppliers of IG unit components.

Tested units passed CBA testing at <-90 F across the board.   Some units have undergone the equivalent of 20 consecutive CBA cycles.  Upon the completion of each cycle, a dew point (frost) could not be determined at <-90 F.   The units are now in their 21st consecutive CBA cycle.  If one accepts the industry norm that 1 week of CBA testing equates to 1.2 years of field service life and a CBA cycle approximates 7 weeks,  then many more new standards will be set with D-2000.

Many units fabricated with D-2000 have been “butterflied”, some within minutes after fabrication, others hours, days, weeks, and months later.  D-2000 demonstrated outstanding adhesive, cohesive, and shear strengths in all the units.

Units made with Intercept® IG System technology were especially demonstrative of such strengths.  As the sealant (D-2000) was being stressed to cohesive failure, the spacer was deformed before cohesive failure could be attained.  Other spacer materials demonstrated similar tendencies when the unit was “butterflied.”

D-2000 IG units are still undergoing a wide variety of tests, and successfully completing them.  IG units fabricated (single sealed) with D-2000 on an Intercept® line in Canada, passed all criteria for meeting IGMAC Product Certification (CAN/CGSB-12.8-97).  The manufacturer has received full IGMAC credentials. Furthermore, the same set of test units have successfully completed three additional consecutive weathering cycles with excellent results.  Another set of IG units fabricated with D-2000 at a different Intercept® facility in Canada are currently undergoing IGMAC testing with excellent interim results.

D-2000 has successfully completed 85+ consecutive weeks of exposure in a P1 chamber (continuous conditions; 140° F, water spray, UV radiation with an average 2500 microwatts per centimeter2). Tested at monthly intervals, the test units have yet to demonstrate a dew point at -95° F,  any degradation of the sealant and/or bond line, or exhibit discoloration or deterioration of the coated glass. The test units are single seal (D-2000), aluminum spacer, one piece of clear glass, and one piece of low-e coated glass.

D-2000 is the most versatile IG sealant available.  D-2000 has been successfully used with virtually all types of hot melt production equipment.

  • Handgunning with 5-gallon and 55-gallon hot melt pumps from every known pump/equipment manufacturer.
  • GED “Intercept” production lines; SMART extruders and compensator types.
  • Aztech semi-automated gunning tables.
  • Lisec production lines.
  • Machine Design Concepts IG production equipment/systems.
  • Enduron tables.

D-2000 is also fully compatible, and used with, all types of spacer materials/products:

  • Anodized aluminum
  • Aluminum
  • Plastic
  • Mill finish aluminum
  • Tin plated steel
  • Foam spacer
  • Stainless steel
  • Butyl sealant spacer
  • Galvanized steel
  • (Although not required, D-2000 is also used in dual-seal configuration with PIB)


What do test and evaluation data and reports really mean?  This question needs to be answered on a number of levels.  First, passing a test (i.e., CBA, IGMAC, IGCC, minimal P-1 exposure, etc.) one time, as a qualifying criterion, is in reality, misleading.  It is much more meaningful and pragmatic to stress test units to levels far beyond the initial “qualifying” test, which most sealant manufacturers do not do.  Delchem does.

A significantly higher level of confidence can be established when a set of units have completed multiple, consecutive tests, and continue to be tested, showing virtually no signs of degradation in continuous testing.

Secondly, the industry generally accepts that one week in a test chamber such as P-1, CBA, IGMAC weathering cycles, etc., equates to approximately one year of field service life.  Considering that D-2000 units have completed 95 weeks, 168 weeks, 75 weeks, 96 weeks, etc. in various testing environments  (test units include a wide range of variables in the IG unit design;  many different types of spacer materials, argon and air filled, low-e glass, clear glass, tempered glass, spacer with bent corners, nylon corner keys, different desiccant fill levels, etc., etc.), it is realistic to project that units made with D-2000, and good workmanship, will provide, conservatively speaking, 50 + years of durable field service-life, and more than likely, 100 years without unit failure.

Do not be mislead by a statement that indicates a specific sealant meets or exceeds “the criteria” or the “applicable standards” for a recognized test protocol (i.e., ASTM E774, CAN/CGSB 12.8-97, etc.).  Too often, a single set of test units, tested one time, will meet the criteria for a test protocol with minimal “passing” credentials, while simultaneously demonstrating degradation of the unit.  What does this mean?  The one set of units, barely passing the test criteria, is already beginning to fail. Could this same set of units pass a second round of testing, a third round, a fourth round?  Realistically, no.

Delchem continues to subject sets of D-2000 test units to multiple, consecutive tests.  Moreover, the same set of units is frequently subjected to a “battery” of test protocols (i.e., ASTM E774, P-1 Chamber, “Fog Box”, etc.) versus a single protocol.

When told that a sealant “meets or exceeds” applicable standards, ask to see test results  generated by a third-party, independent, accredited testing lab.  Better yet, ask to see test reports showing that the same set of units have passed multiple, consecutive tests as well as other protocols.


Technical Data Sheets, customer testimonials, laboratory reports and other “pieces of paper” tell only part of the story about the many features and benefits provided by D-2000.

A 10 minute video tape which vividly shows many of the features and benefits provided by D-2000 is available upon your request.

Imagine fabricating an IG unit that approximates 9′ x 11′, one inch air space, metal spacer, and SINGLE SEALED with D-2000.  Now, imagine that approximately 90 seconds after the D-2000 was applied, that the unit (weighing approximately 500 pounds) is picked up in the horizontal plane by a suction cup crane, rotated into the vertical plane, and moved 30 feet to a storage rack.

You don’t have to imagine.  This is the routine production scenario for a long standing D-2000 customer, who routinely makes many IG units in this manner daily, units of the size just cited, and larger.

The video shows two large units being fabricated in the manner just described.  But what will you really be seeing?

You will witness:

  • The outstanding initial green strength and structural strength provided by D-2000.
  • Large IG units that many in the industry felt, until the advent of D-2000, could only be fabricated with a two-part sealant.  Of course, if you want to wait for hours for the two-part sealant to cure, you too could move them in the same manner as the D-2000 units in the videotape.
  • Handgunning application time for D-2000 that is very expeditious.
  • Rapid and easy “mending” of the unit’s corners by digital manipulation; no hot melt knife, no tedious reapplication of sealant, etc.
  • Evidence that D-2000 is virtually tack-free within 90 seconds after application.
Delchem develops our adhesive formulas on a mollecular level to adhere stronger and last longer.

And much more information here.

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