The History of Adhesives

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How many ways are there to determine the Human history of adhesives?

The first Human uses of adhesives were of natural formation. Sticky things like tree-sap, honey and widely occurring sticky substances were probably “Og’s” First forms of glues and sealants. As these are highly water soluble and impermanent the earliest traces of that human ingenuity are likely long lost but predate our records thereof.

Let’s ask “What is an Adhesive“? The answer to that question (in a general sense) is anything that can cause two-things to adhere to each other in a physical manner. More specifically though, the term is commonly only referencing liquids. Nails, velcro and even magnets have adhesive qualities, but are not considered adhesives in common language.

The science began with Nature.

Adhesives pre-date us, they also pre-date humans… by a LOT!

One could argue that in the very broadest definition, it is the very properties of adhesives that hold all of creation together! So isn’t that Magnificent!

In that sense, adhesives have been preventing things from falling apart for about 14 billion years (give or take a few years or so…) 

The more recent and earth-bound history of adhesives dates back of course to pre-history and in many many ways pre-humanity. Spiders certainly have it figured out and many creatures innately use properties of adhesion in their methods to hang, hunt, trap and secure things. In many ways it’s as simple as the first time someone fell asleep under a “sappy” tree, and woke up with a bad case of mess-in-the-hair but then recognized, this must be useful for something! Something GOOD must come of this mess! Ta-da!! “Glue” was born.

Todays Adhesives

This doesn’t really address today’s sophisticated methods and types of adhesives. Between the hot-melt application methods, and state-of-the-science reactive chemistry, the bonds we at DelChem create are cutting-edge adhesive science. To learn more and receive engaging and useful sealant specific information and news each month please sign up for Delchem Sealant U. We will be sending seasonal and relevant learning information via email on a regular basis.

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Notes: Spider webs, other creatures using adhesion, early human interactions.