Delchem D-90

Time-Tested Polyurethane Insulated Glass Sealant.

D-90 Advanced Thermoset Sealant

D-90 Polyurethane IG Sealant

D90 is a two component polyurethane based, elastomeric sealant specifically designed for insulating glass.  High structural strength, excellent adhesion, and a low moisture vapor transmission rate allow manufacturers to produce superior units with a very long service life.

Units properly constructed with D90 have achieved CBA ratings when tested under ASTM E773 & E774.

The key benefits to D90 are:

  • No wasted catalyst and no batch matching required
  • Excellent adhesion to glass, aluminum, zinc, and plastic
  • Non-sag characteristics with easy application
  • Adjustable work life and cure times to meet your needs
  • Outstanding resistance to all environmental extremes

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D-90 Advanced Thermoset Sealant
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