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Delchem is proud to be opening up our new chapter in Sealant Education tailored to people like you and businesses like yours. The plan is to create new, useful articles every month to educate students in all aspects of Thermal Window Sealant Technology along with various details we can share about Sealants and Adhesives and even Window market trends in general. We offer these to Sealant U. subscribers at no cost, completely free admission!

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Session 1 - The history of Adhesives 101
Session 2 - The Science of Stick
Session 3 - Molecules in Love...
Session 4 - MVTR (Moisture Vapor Transmission Rate)
Session 5 - Not only about Strength...


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*Delchem Sealant University is the name of our educational support program. To be clear, it is not an accredited learning institution. That noted, all information provided is educational, factual and accurate and presented for the purpose of creating a knowledgable client base.

Delchem is a very specialized sealant and adhesive manufacturer near Wilmington Delaware in the USA. Our practice is extraordinarily focused on Thermal Insulated Glass Window Sealants for manufacturing. We don't cater to retail DIY or mass market consumption. That means our focus is on you and your needs. Our products as a result are the world-class leaders who make your windows, better than their windows.

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