Delchem D2000

The most versatile, powerful and advanced
Insulated Glass Sealant available.

Reative Hot Melt Butyl Sealant

D-2000 REACTIVE Hot Melt Butyl

Don‘t be misled or misinformed about “warm-applied, moisture-activated, one-part reactive” IG sealants.

The differences between them are significant and Delchem D-2000 is in a class by itself both chemically and in the many features and benefits it provides to IG fabricators and their customers.

What you get in D-2000 is a true hot melt Butyl IG sealant.  All other “reactive” IG sealants are either urethane-based or urethane-modified.  As such, they contain isocyanates or diisocyanates.

D-2000 has recently been credentialed as a DSE (Dual Seal Equivalency) IG Sealant for use on Intercept® IG Technology.

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Let’s take a closer look at the factors and attributes that make D-2000 the only representative of the next generation of IG sealants.


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