Save Time, Money and Labor while delivering a better overall product.

D-2000 The most advanced thermal insulated glass adhesive. Learn more ...

What makes D-2000 unique is how every aspect of this adhesive sealant is designed to improve your operations and product.

Our advanced D-2000 sealant is engineered uniquely to help with the specific challenges related to making Insulated glass panels. This world-leading product uses the same systems common to our industry, minimizes waste and cleanup, seals more quickly and lasts more durably than anything else available. Don't just take our word for it though. Contact us any time to begin a trial and see for yourself how a better sealant will improve your operations and profitability.

Save Time

As owners or managers we all have a hands-on understanding of the meaning that "Time is Money" and one area that plays a direct role here is in cleanup. One of the negatives of most reactive adhesive agents is that once you mix the chemicals you use it or you lose it.

This isn't the case with D-2000. As this is an atmospheric reactive agent you can use what you need and the remainder will be available when you return. So long as your glue system is sealed from atmospheric moisture, unlike a catalyst base reactive agent your adhesive will retain it's liquid viscosity and be ready to use when needed. This will save you in material cost, prep and cleanup!

Save Money

D-2000 saves your money in three ways.

  1. The lifetime seal commitment means your products are more durable decreasing the risk of expensive warranty labor and a better overall reputation.
  2. Because D-2000 doesn't require an additional reactant catalyst there is less, if any waste. With typical adhesives you either have to pre-mix more than enough product to complete a run or risk running out mid-production.
  3. Moisture vapor transition rate is the lowest of any other material therefor insulating glass can last for centuries. Enables are real warranty and excellent reputation.

Save Labor

Largely again as a matter of preparation and cleanup you will see that Delchem D-2000 lets you focus on making a quality product rather than preparing sensitive mixtures of your adhesive/catalyst mixture. Add then that you also don't have the clock ticking when your complete to clean out your equipment or risk permanent damage to it because of clogs.

Our exclusive hot melt butyl adhesive will help your people stay focused on production rather than cleanup and preparation. Isn't that good-to-know?

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About your warranty...

The extra level of assurance from D-2000 is "sleep at night". You will know you're insulated glass products are assembled using the long term solution which actually continues to improve its seal over time. The advantages D-2000 provides to the industry are significant. The performance glass to frame adhesive designed specifically for your assembly processes.

If you are technically minded, please find further details on the D-2000 Product page. You will find more detailed technical specifications, test results and more.


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D-2000 The most advanced thermal insulated glass adhesive. Learn more ...
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