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Thank you for your interest in additional Sealant U articles. We are developing a framework (pun intended?) to present our audience with ongoing reveals about the science, nature, history and state of the art in Adhesives and Sealants, specifically as they apply in the window and door making industry. If you wish to be more in the know, we hope you will enroll in the upcoming Semester of Sealant U!

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What we study here at Sealant U.

Our plan at Delchem Sealant U is to entertain and educate our audience (our dutiful students) by presenting useful and interesting perspectives on the history and science of Sealant and Adhesive technology. We will start by diving way back to the beginning and break things down from there. No worries, we’ll make sure it sticks. If you’re not yet enrolled, please go here now before classes fill up. We will send you email to alert you to new articles and content updates we hope you will find immensely engaging as well as useful.

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